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Susanville, CA

Sighted on Tuesday 24. December 2002
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Shape: Light | Duration: 3 minutes

North Eastern Calif. Fiery object emits fire like objects that float down to ground.On December 24, 2002 I pulled up to one of my friends house, him and another friend said they were going up to the construction site of a new hospital where my friend worked as the night secuirty guard. (Only person at the site at night) The security guard had called terrified, babbling, and literally crying that a UFO was hovering over his office(the guard is 6'2 and weighes around 200 lbs.) I immideately drove to his work located about a mile and a half from where I was at. On the way up I saw an orange light in the sky but thought that it probably was just a airplane and didn't notice when it must have disappeared.When we got up to the hospital the security guard was still hysterical and was trying to tell us what it looked like and what it was doing. We kind of joked with him for about ten minutes when we all went into his office that was located in a modular next to the hospital. I called my father who is the chief of one of the fire departments in town and asked him if he would call dispatch and see if anyone had reported anything. One of my other friends called his girlfriend on the office phone. The guard sat down in his chair and said to me I was looking out this window when I first saw it, as the security guard pointed out the window to show me where, he said, "Oh my god there it is again".When I looked out the window I saw an orange light that was bright orange. It was somewhere around six hundred feet off the ground and about a mile away. I could not pick out a shape of the object only that it was emmiting a light that looked like fire and that it was coming closer. I immediately called my dad who lives up on a hill about the same distance away and told him that I didn't know what this thing was and for him to try to see it from his advantage. Then the UFO started emitting little tracer fire balls that looked like they were floating down (swaying back and forth). It must have dropped around 8 of these. I then became frantic when my friends started screaming in terror as this object is slowly coming towards us. My parents immediately hung up on me when they heard my friends screaming to come to where we were at. At this time I felt that it was time to leave so we ran to the cars. As we were running a car came over the horizon and the UFO dissappeared like turning off a light bulb in a dark room.Friends of ours and my parents and grandfather arrived shortly and we stayed there for a while but it never came back. The security guard said that when saw the UFO the first time a car stopped alongside the highway to watch. But never heard any other reports. Would love to know if anyone has seen anything similar in the North eastern California, South eastern Oregon, or North west Nevada area. [email protected]

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