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Thompson (Canada), MB

Sighted on Saturday 06. October 2012
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Shape: Light | Duration: 30 minutes

2 Bright lights, Noises of white noise and screeching on phones. Vehicle problems.Was driving on provincial route 391 heading south to Thompson. 35 Kms North of Thompson, I noticed 2 bright lights over the tree line to the left. Vehicle lights, interior and head lights started flickering. Made phone calls to let Husband know what was going on with the vehicle. Kept driving, then called Mother to let her know that I was close to home. While on the phone, noises started, Like white noise and screeching and sounded like someone was trying to say something. (Sounds like from the movie "The Fourth Kind"). Then tried making a 3 way call to my husband, hoping he would hear it(Thank goodness he did!). As the noise continued, both ends of the phone lines weren't able to hang up. Both heard the noises that were on the phone. When it all stopped, the heat in the vehicle turned cold. Kept driving. Pulled into the driveway, rolled down the window to let my husband know that there was only cold air coming out of the vents. (controls were turn! ed on all the way to heat setting). I then turned off the vehicle, took the keys out, stepped out, only to hear the motor still running, sounds of fluid pouring out. Opened the hood to find out everything was OK. No spills on ground or inside the hood. Motor stopped.

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