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Sighted on Friday 16. November 2012
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Shape: Fireball | Duration: 90 seconds

3 separate sightings of orange light in a weekMy husband and I saw the strange orange lights on three separate occasions. The first one was a few days ago (can’t remember the exact day, but around November 11 or 12). I was hanging laundry on our 2nd floor balcony at around 10 in the evening and saw a single orange light slowly moving above me. It didn’t make a sound and it slowly vanished in the clouds towards the north. I called my husband to check it out but we didn’t make a fuss out it thinking it was just a flare or a Chinese lantern.The second sighting was yesterday at about 7 in the evening, November 16. It was also a single bright orange orb flying soundlessly, this time going straight to the east. It again vanished in the clouds. I immediately thought it was an airplane of some sort because it’s impossible for me to experience 2 UFO sightings in a week.The third one was late in the evening of the same day, November 16 at exactly 10.30. My family was going on a road trip and was about to load ourselves in the car when I saw the orange orb again going to the east. I told my husband it must be an airplane because I saw one earlier. My daughter and I were already in the car when my husband yelled it wasn’t an airplane and when I looked there were around 10-15 orbs flying towards the east. The first group of orbs was flying in a wide triangular shape. The second group formed a line. They all headed in one direction and vanished in the same spot.It was already late and nobody saw it aside from us. My husband made a shout out in his social network to check if other people saw the lights but nobody claimed to have seen them. It didn’t look like a flare to us because it was flying on a straight path and it didn’t look like Chinese Lanterns either because they formed a triangle and it looked like it was in control of it’s direction and vanished in the same spot.We got it on video using a mobile phone.

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