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Sighted on Tuesday 07. April 2009
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 5 seconds

the first time i saw an object in the sky at 4:30 am five dots of light in v-shape formation appeared then disappeared.i was on a beach waiting for shooting stars to appear at around 4:30 am. what i saw was five dots of light in a triangle formation seemingly attached to an object (1). i did not wink until it disappeared. it wasnt an airplane, nor was it a shooting star? when i searched the net for a triangle shaped shooting star, i discovered this page. it has been my habit to wake up early to wait for shooting stars. i have seen a lot of vatiation of stars, but the one i saw was totally different. airplanes have red lights and you hear a sound. the one i saw was very quiet moved like a shooting star. if i only saw a single light then it must be a shooting star, but i was surprised to see five dots in a v-shape formation like birds v-shape formation then disappeared. the lights werent blinking thats why i dont think its an airplane. the beach where i saw it was a docking place for foreigh ships. im a university business management professor. i got interested with stars and meteors only last year during that time of meteor shower that were visible from the earth. watching stars and waiting for meteors has become my hobby--i consider it a spiritual relationship with God through its creations. with a mug of coffee, i feel it very serene sitting quietly, looking at the stars and waiting for a meteor or star to fall and thank God. could it be a UFO? i just wanted to know if there are shooting stars like the one i saw. if there is, pls publish it in your site. thank you very much.((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

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