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Moncton (Canada), NB

Sighted on Saturday 10. November 2012
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: 5 minutes

Small silent orange ball travelled across skyWith an hour left in my shift at a Moncton call center, I decided I needed to hit the dark parking lot for a cigarette. Halfway through my smoke, a small orange light moving across the sky caught my attention. It made no sound, and as it passed, its shape remained the same. While still visible, the site security guard approached, and we both could not figure out what this object was. There were no clouds in the sky that night, and we both watched as it seemed to gain altitude at an arming rate until it had faded to nothing. There were no flashing lights, or nothing at all to indicate that it was any commercial or private aircraft.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Claremont CA 2019-11-11 delta jet 15 seconds
Salisbury, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2019-08-16 Circle 00:10:00
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2018-06-04 Disc 00:00:02
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Hillsborough (Canada), NB 2017-06-30 Other 30
Salisbury, New Brunswick (Canada) 2017-06-17 Triangle 04:55:00
Scoudouc, New Brunswick (Canada) 2017-03-27 Saturn-like 00:03:00
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2017-03-17 Sphere 00:00:30
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2016-11-26 Square, Rectangular 00:01:20
Port Greville, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2016-10-11 Fireball 00:12:00
Port Greville, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2016-10-11 Bullet, Missile 00:20:00
Diligent River, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2016-10-11 Cylinder 00:18:00
Port Greville, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2016-10-10 Cylinder 00:23:00
Diligent River, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2016-08-06 Disc 00:00:01
Grande-Digue, New Brunswick (Canada) 2016-07-12 Other 00:00:05
Trois-Ruisseaux, New Brunswick (Canada) 2016-05-19 Sphere 00:00:25
South Branch (Canada), NB 2016-03-21 Other 20 seconds
Dieppe (Canada), NB 2016-02-23 Fireball 2 minutes
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2015-12-06 Oval 03:00:00
Dieppe, New Brunswick (Canada) 2015-09-27 Star-like Undisclosed
Summerside, Prince Edward Island (Canada) 2015-06-14 Disc Undisclosed
Alma, New Brunswick (Canada) 2015-06-06 Star-like Undisclosed
Moncton, NB 2015-01-26 Triangle 5-10 minutes
Moncton (Canada), NB 2014-12-29 Changing 20 minutes
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-12-05 Disc Undisclosed
Elsipogtog , New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-11-11 Fireball Undisclosed
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-11-10 Saucer 10 minutes
Moncton (Canada), NB 2014-10-29 Changing 3 minutes
Petitcodiac (Canada), NB 2014-09-05 Diamond 5 minutes
Petitcodiac (Canada), NB 2014-09-05 Diamond 5 minutes
Salt Springs, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-09-03 Star-like Undisclosed
Moncton (Canada), NB 2014-08-05 Fireball 5 minutes
Moncton (Canada), NB 2014-08-05 Fireball 5 minutes
Moncton (Canada), NB 2014-07-10 Fireball 15-20 seconds
Moncton (Canada), NB 2014-07-10 Fireball 15-20 seconds
Sussex Corner, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-06-23 Sphere 00:30:00
Kensington, Prince Edward Island (Canada) 2014-06-04 Diamond Undisclosed
Moncton (New Brunswick) (Canada), NB 2014-05-07 Unknown 10+ minutes
Moncton (New Brunswick) (Canada), NB 2014-05-07 Unknown 10+ minutes
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2014-03-15 Star-like Undisclosed
Dieppe (Canada), NB 2014-03-07 Circle 30 minutes
Shediac Cape (Canada), NB 2014-02-22 Disk 2 minutes
Moncton (Canada), NB 2014-01-31 Fireball 2 seconds
Summerside, Prince Edward Island (Canada) 2013-11-29 Boomerang Undisclosed
Moncton (Canada), NB 2013-11-28 Fireball 10-15 seconds
Riverview (Canada), NB 2013-10-19 Light 15-20 minutes
Cambridge Narrows (Canada), NB 2013-08-01 Disk 20 minutes
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2013-01-12 Disc 00:02:12
Richmond (Canada), PE 2013-01-11 Light STILL IN PROGRESS
Fenwick (Canada), NS 2012-10-03 Circle 20 minutes
Amherst, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2012-08-15 Cone Undisclosed
Moncton (Canada), NB 2012-08-05 Fireball
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-08-03 Disc, Oval 00:00:15
Sussex, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-07-25 Circle, Fireball 00:00:11
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-07-12 Circle, Fireball, Sphere, Star-like, Triangle, Other Undisclosed
Norton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-05-03 Cylinder 00:00:15
Springhill, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2012-03-31 Sphere 00:15:00
Richibucto (Canada), NB 2012-01-27 Disk 2-3 minutes
Amherst, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2012-01-19 Boomerang 02:13:47
Moncton (Canada), NB 2011-11-06 Light 1 minute
Dieppe, New Brunswick (Canada) 2011-09-16 Star-like Undisclosed
Moncton (Canada), NB 2011-09-15 Fireball Greater than 10 minutes,
Kensington, Prince Edward Island (Canada) 2011-08-21 Fireball Undisclosed
Rexton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2011-08-19 Circle, Sphere, Star-like 00:02:00
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2011-07-07 Disc Undisclosed
Dieppe, New Brunswick (Canada) 2010-12-18 Bullet, Missile Undisclosed
Riverview, New Brunswick (Canada) 2010-12-16 Other Undisclosed
Dieppe, New Brunswick (Canada) 2010-10-12 Star-like Undisclosed
Dieppe (Canada), NB 2010-09-18 Light 2 minutes
Dieppe, New Brunswick (Canada) 2010-09-11 Cigar, Star-like 00:02:00
Dieppe, New Brunswick (Canada) 2010-09-11 Cylinder, Star-like Undisclosed
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2010-06-11 Cylinder Undisclosed
Riverview (Canada), NB 2010-05-12 Diamond 5 minutes
Moncton (50.42km before)(Canada), NB 2010-04-03 Other 30 sec
Hillsborough, New Brunswick (Canada) 2009-09-17 Oval 00:00:02
Summerside (Canada), PE 2009-08-23 Circle 1 min
Moncton (Canada), NB 2009-06-24 Unknown
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2009-06-01 N, A 00:10:00
Moncton (Canada), NB 2008-08-28 Fireball 1 hour
Five Islands (Canada), NS 2008-08-16 Circle about an hour
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2008-07-15 Star-like Undisclosed
Sussex Corner, New Brunswick (Canada) 2008-05-14 Sphere Undisclosed
Springhill, Nova Scotia (Canada) 2008-04-15 Circle, Fireball Undisclosed
Borden Carleton (Canada), PE 2008-01-23 Diamond 10 minutes
Bloomfield (Canada), PE 2007-12-10 Circle 5 seconds
Monton (Canada), NB 2007-10-12 Oval an going
Riverview (Canada), NB 2007-08-09 Triangle 5 minutes
Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada) 2007-07-05 Square, Rectagular Undisclosed
Five Islands (Canada), NS 2007-05-31 Oval about 4min
Port Elgion (Canada), NB 2007-02-17 Circle 6 min
Cap Pele/ Port Elgin area (Canada), NB 2006-08-09 Fireball 5-10 min
Penobsquis (Canada), NB 2006-03-28 Unknown 30 mins
Minto, New Brunswick (Canada) 2006-02-17 Other Undisclosed
Borden/Carlton (Canada), PE 2005-08-15 Fireball 1 min
Amherst (Canada), NS 2005-08-06 Unknown 10 mins approx
Borden/Carlton (PEI, Canada), PE 2005-07-17 Fireball 3h over 3 diferent tdate
Shepody, New Brunswick (Canada) 2005-05-07 Other 00:35:00