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Viborg (Denmark)

Sighted on Thursday 01. July 1999
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Shape: Light | Duration: 1 hour

Small object. Moving fast sharp light. Close to military area in denmark.Observed by my wife and I. Trying to get to sleep, I saw a small but very strong light. Looked like it moved slightly up/down and to the sides. I sat up, thinking I was wrong. We live in Jutland (vest part of Denmark) approx. 20KM from a military area (I think it is the biggest in Denmark) and it looked like it was just hoovering above it. It looked like a star, but it was mutch too close. Suddenly it moved VERY fast to one side, and got out of my site, but a minute later it was back. The shape and collor of the light changed slightly all the time, also when it was not moving. Most of the time the light was just wite but sometimes with a tuch of red and yellow. We never told anyone but our closest family and friends, it seems a bit cracy. But the movements of "the thing" was to fast to be a helicopter, and it was hanging still some times too. We saw it 2 more times, same place moving the same odd way and diapearing after an hour or so. Us: I'm 34 years my wife is 30. I work in sales and my wife is a secretary. Sorry for any misspellings, I'm danish.

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