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Brabrand. Aarhus

Sighted on Tuesday 18. December 2001
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Shape: Circle/Round | Duration: 2-3 min

It was around 11PM-12PM I was laying outside in the balcony (in a couch) just looking for stars. Clear day no clouds. Suddently i saw something bright moving from left to right very slow it fly so close that i could see the details of it. 3 big windows with VERY (White) bright light inside. I WAS so terrified because i thought there will be 'something' look out of the window. Under the UFO it has engine in the middle like Jets has and surrounded with Lights (White) I closed my eyes and rubbed it and open and it was there still. Opened the window to hear if it was a plane, no. No sound or anything. It didn't spin as it moved because if it has i could've see the windows spinned to First it moved slowly forwards then it accellerated faster and faster then suddently it took of with a speed that i never ever saw before. A plane or jet cannot accelerate So fast as it. At the end it vanished to the thin air and i saw a blink. When it was gone i felt uneasy. I ran in to tell my parents of it!

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