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Dover, TN

Sighted on Friday 25. January 2002
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Shape: Other | Duration: 4 minutes tops

Dropping lights catch the eye.My wife and two boys, one 7 yrs and one 8 months, and I, were on our way to mother-in-laws house for the wife's Birthday party. Long and winding roads, through alot of hilly areas. I took notice of it first, at first it looked like a radio tower with one light at the top, white light with a slight out of focus haze. And also another light just above and to the left, wasn't sure if I thought it was a star or what. Then as I looked at it right before my eyes a light of the same size and shape dropped out of the bottom of it, went straight down, and we started on a patch of road that led us by some leafless trees, but we 3 all seen it. My wife I believe only seen one drop, because of driving and watching the road, but I kept turning and watching. I seen three lights drop in a vertical strait line, then the light that was above and to the left seemed to move strait about what I origanally thought was a tower light. They started getting close to each other, the lower one did not seem to drop in height but the one above did. Then we went around a corner and came back around again after passing a few trees and the lights had vanished. I never seen the ligts hit the ground or what exactly happened to them that dropped. It was a creepy feeling.

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