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Kandy (Sri Lanka)

Sighted on Thursday 07. March 2002
Reported on
Shape: Changing | Duration: 2min

light is going without sound at nightone object,go on sky,two of my frinds also saw,bright white light with one another light dim ,no stars on sky at that time. I saw this above sky of university of peradeniya.no any sound.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Idalgashinna, Uva Province (Sri Lanka) 2020-01-10 Other 00:00:00
Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, Western Province (Sri Lanka) 2019-04-14 Blimp 00:15:00
Veyangoda (Sri Lanka) 2017-03-13 Star-like 00:15:00
Perradeniya (Sri Lanka), 2017-01-01 Sphere 25 minutes
Kalawana, Sabaragamuwa (Sri Lanka) 2016-08-12 Pearce 4 seconds
Kalawana (Sri Lanka), 2016-08-12 Fireball 4 seconds
Hatton City (Sri Lanka), 2016-08-07 Flash 5 seconds
Ja-Ela, Western Province (Sri Lanka) 2016-07-25 Sphere 00:40:00
Sri Lanka, 2016-07-10 Disk 2 minutes
Sri lanka 2015-09-11 Humanoid Like 30 Seconds
Minuwangoda (Sri Lanka) 2015-08-13 oval shape light 10 min
Homagama (Sri Lanka) 2012-12-27 Cone 20
Sri Lanka (in most cities) 2012-12-01 Changing long time
Gampaha, Western Province (Sri Lanka) 2011-08-21 Star-like 00:45:00
Kannattota (Sri Lanka) 2008-02-16 Light 60 sec
Padukka (Sri Lanka) 2006-03-12 Other 45 minuts
Athrugiriya (Sri Lanka) 2004-08-30 15
Colombo (Sri Lanka) 2003-04-17 Light 03
Hingurakgoda (Sri Lanka) 2003-02-18 Other 8mins
Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka) 2002-09-01 Disk 05
Kaduruwela (Sri Lanka) 2002-06-15 Disk 5Min
Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka) 2002-06-13 Oval 10-15 Miniutes
Polannaruwa (Sri Lanka) 2002-06-09 Fireball 30min
Polanuruwa (Sri Lanka) 2002-06-09 Fireball 32min
Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka) 2002-06-01 Circle
Gampaha (Sri Lanka) 2002-05-27 Circle less than 1 minute
Kaduruwela (Sri Lanka) 2002-05-13 Triangle 40 seconds
Colombo (Sri Lanka) 2001-12-04 Diamond 1 minutes
Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka) 2001-06-08 Oval 2 hours
Ratnapura, Sabaragamuwa Province (Sri Lanka) 2000-12-27 Flash Undisclosed
Negombo (Sri Lanka) 2000-10-28 Fireball 30
Negombo, Western Province (Sri Lanka) 1998-06-05 Circle Undisclosed
Colombo, Western Province (Sri Lanka) 1969-02-28 Sphere Undisclosed