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Kaduruwela (Sri Lanka)

Sighted on Saturday 15. June 2002
Reported on
Shape: Disk | Duration: 5Min

Some thing is Cerculing around Sri Lanka for the past 3 weeks and Reports comming from all round Sri lanka!A ufo is Been seen over Polonnaruwa for tha past 3 weeks in many places around the town and on the above day people were getherd and waiting to see the UFO till about 23:00 it did not came vosible so two girls has left from the polonnaruwa Bunt of Parakkrama Samudraya Which is a very big Lake. they were heading towards kaduruwella about 3KM from polonnaruwa, and near the Centre for the Teachers education, they have stonished by two big cercular lights suddnly appeared on the grond and then they have seen the UFO hanging in the sky very low they have screemed and a police truck was passing by this location on that time, they have tryed to spot and use the head lights of the truck to see the UFO clearly and because of that within seconds the UFO has vanished in to the Sky.There are about 200 people have seen the object for the past 3 weeks in varius locations and one person has observed the object for 2.30 Hours and the Object has seen over Kaduruwela, polonnaruwa, Trincomalee, Kaluthra,Mathugama, And Ukuwella. The Amateur Astrnomers Association of Sri Lanka is doing a Special Study on the Event

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