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Bloomington, TX

Sighted on Monday 18. March 2002
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: approx. minutes

3 spheres flashed colrs as we were riding our bikes in a circle around a lantern.Some friends and I were at a local basketball court that is in the open and we had a lantern in the center of the court and we were riding our bicycles around the lanternto make the sparkly lights when we noticed 3 flashing sphere shaped objects in the sky that were about the size of marbles. They were constantly changing colors and "jumping" around in the sky and making a low droning saoud suckh as that of a muffles vacuum cleaner.Attempting to catch thes objects, were what appeared to be millitary style fighting jets. The objects flashed colors such as green, yellow, red, and blue. When we all stopped riding in circles so did the objects in the sky. After about 20 seconds the spheres turned a crimson red color and then jetted away at an incredible speed. The bjects left a trail that was visible for about 2 minutes. These trails had the shine of somthing that had a color of mother of pearl. And then it was gone. We continue to ride our bikes in hopes that the "aliens" will return.((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain semi-anonymous. PD))

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