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Matagorda, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 08. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Circle, Star-like, Other | Duration: Undisclosed

My husband and I were doing our morning hot tub ritual when we noticed a bright white light moving across the sky. We see satellites all the time and thought nothing of it till it stopped and headed in the reverse direction. It stopped again and hovered a moment. Then it started moving in a circular motion. Then it began to zig zag, looked like a firefly moving on my video tape. It moved as if it was playing a game back and forth in mutiple directions. Satellites do not do this. Have seen this once before out here, but I was alone and no camera. This time my husband and I both saw and video taped it. This went on until we then noticed the second shape that was just like it. In the distance. This went on until dawn and even after the sun came up and all stars were no longer visible these two objects were. The kids woke up and I had to come in and when I returned they were gone when we came back out. My tape is 8mm so I cannot email it unfortunately.

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