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Surfside Beach, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Tuesday 16. June 2020
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 02:30:00

On june 16th we traveled from houston, tx down to surfside beach to camp overnight. at 10:02 pm i looked out over the gulf and there was a strange light. it was different than the thousands of stars we were looking at. it was lower than where the line of stars started so i just started watching it. i yelled to my boyfriend to look because i swore it was moving. he confirmed. it moved like a drone, flying higher, then dropping. it would fly to the east and then to the west. it appeared to be coming closer at a certain point but not close enough for a better visual. at times it flew higher than any drone i'm aware of can fly. it moved slow, never really going fast like i would have thought. i could see planes flying but this did not move like them. it stayed for at least 2 hours until we couldn't stay awake any longer. i was sure to watch the time in fear we may end up missing hours if this thing wanted to take us. i awoke an hour later, checked the time, and noticed it was gone but all the stars were still there. the moon was not out that night, we were the only ones camping in sight, it was extremely dark out. the light was the brightest light in the sky and a slightly orangish color compared to the stars. we were convinced we witnessed a ufo that night to the point i was extremely scared and didn't want to sleep that night.

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