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Alva, OK

Sighted on Saturday 04. May 2002
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Shape: Light | Duration: unsure

All I remember seeing was a light and about an hour of no memory at all.I live in N.W. Oklahoma in a small town/city and there is not much to do so I spend a lot of time being bored. Tonight (04 May '02 around 10:15 p.m.) I was sitting outside since there was nothing overly interesting on TV. I was watching one of the many of what I assume to be satellites go thru the night sky. One in particular caught my attention because it seemed much brighter than the rest. I watched it for maybe 15 seconds or so pass almost directly overhead going south to north. My attention was distracted from it for a couple of seconds by a loud pickup leaving the intersection just to my east going east. I reached over to the small concrete step for my pack of cigarettes. I found them quickly because of the moonlight and then it hit me that I couldn't even see the moon from where I was sitting. I looked up and there was a really bright light almost directly overhead. Kind of like the light coming from a full moon. The only sound I remember hearing was the normal non stop barking of the neighbors dog and myself saying "OH SH**!". All at once the light just went out and I was staring at the stars trying to get my eyes to focus. I'm kind of freaked out from it all and I loaded every gun in the house but there is a about an hour or so I don't have a clue what went on. I'm thinking that it took me an hour to load 3 guns but even if I had to drive to Wal-Mart to get shells I'd be back home in 20 minutes tops because its less than a mile away but I have lots of shells on hand and the guns are normally loaded except for a round in the chamber. Two friends and myself were coyote hunting back in the early 80's and seen something similar but it was just before daylight. What is it that I'm seeing? Living where I do we see lots of strange things we don't admit we seen but I just don't know what to think about it all.

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