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Buffalo, Oklahoma (United States)

Sighted on Monday 18. May 2009
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

I was feeding my horses last Sunday about 12:30am. I was standing facing west, all of the sudden some very low flying lights caught my eye. I first noticed that the lights were flying very low, and then that they were going way to slow to be an airplane. ���There was a blue, red, and white strobing light and they appeared to have just flown over Buffalo. The lights were large and inline with each other, with quite a bit of distance in between all three. The middle light was white and strobed very slowly, and the red/blue lights were on the ends. The lights turned and were coming directly towards me at a diagnal angle.��� The white light was covered with a round, concave, clear, glass-type covering which appeared to be very thick glass, and had some type of circular design on it. The red and blue lights were different than the center light. They were tall and cylinder shaped, more like beacons, and they appeared to be sitting on top of something. They appeared to be covered by a different type of material, it looked more like some type of colored plastic, but transparent enough that the lights underneath could shine through.��� I never saw a shape or even any type of structure behind the lights. Within 10-15 seconds the lights had reached the dirt road in front of me, and where crossing over the top of the power lines. It became apparent that the lights were slowing down as they got closer, and were now nearly at a complete stop.��� I turned and ran from the corral to my pickup and jumped inside, which took about 15 seconds, because I was wearing flip flops. Once in the pick up I was now facing north, and the lights had moved just behind the corral and had turned south, facing me again. THE LIGHTS WERE SITTING COMPLETELY STILL, HOVERING, ABSOLUTELY NO MOVEMENT, other than the strobing white light. The distance between me and the lights at this point was probably around 150'.��� I felt it was a single craft, and judging by the distance of the lights from end to end, would have been anywhere from 25' to 50', I cannot judge distance very well, plus I was busy running to my vehicle.��� I lean more toward��� 40-50'. For about another 5 seconds I fumbled trying to find my cellphone, and staring at the lights in disbelief. This was the most terrifying moment I have experienced, I threw the pick up in reverse, then drove forward, and when I got to the gate leading out of the pasture, I stopped looked over my shoulder, the lights were still sitting in the same place, NOT MOVING. I couldn't go towards town without passing close by the lights, so I turned south and laid the pedal down. About a 1/4 mile down the road, I turned and looked over my shoulder, and the lights were no where there, or anywhere in sight. Since the incident I have driven behind the corral and a large portion of the grass is laid down, which maybe due to wind current, I took some picturess of that area. I have been fascinated by the UFO phenomenon since the massive sightings in TX/PA in 2008, and thought if I ever saw one, that I would be brave and take pictures and size it up.��� I was so scared and I had an innate feeling that if I didn't leave fast, something bad was going to happen. This is a very small town and I do not want any notoriety,��� if you wish to do an investigation or speak to anybody from this area about this incident, please contact me first. Thank you.


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