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Hickson, ND

Sighted on Wednesday 20. February 2002
Reported on
Shape: Diamond | Duration: 10-15 minutes

Large object south of mid size city on busy Hwy that wasn't busy that night.The date is not exactly accurate, it was sometime in the middle to late Feb of 2002. The time of the occurance was roughly between 10:00 pm and 10:30 pm between Fargo and Hickson ND on well traveled Hwy 81 south. There were two wittnesess to the event. It was a Friday night, my girlfriend and I decided to go out to Hickson, ND for a few drinks and fun. We left from Moorhead, MN (which is across the river from Fargo, ND) and proceeded across the river on the far south side of Fargo and turned on Hwy 81 south for about a 15-20 mile drive to Hickson. Hwy 81 is a well traveled road, especially on the weekends, there are a number of small town bars that people enjoy within a radius of 20-25 miles from Fargo-Moorhead. As we traveled down 81, we were having a calm - dissagreement about something, and noticed a group of red lights above the treen line some miles ahead(the night was clear, and black, but you could still differentiate the tree line from the sky line). As we approached the lights stayed at the same location without moving, and became larger the closer we got. My girlfriend asked if I saw the lights - and asked if it were a plane. I replied that if it were a plane, it was flying very low, and incredibly slow (also, earlier that day 747 airplanes were doing touch-and-go landings at Fargo's Hector Airport- in the winter the winds are very calm - so they use the airport for training purposes - because were not the busiest location in America - but this was not a 747 on a training mission). As we approached I slowed down (we were driving a Mercury Mountaineer) and the lights were from our left (heading south) to our right, half were red, and half blue, one solid row, no blinking/flashing of any kind. We don't remember how many total colored lights were in the row, however we do know a few things for sure: 1. we had not been drinking, 2. we were of very sound mind and body, 3. we were very rational 4. Hwy 81 is a busy road - and we were over half way (15 miles or so)to our destination ! - and ha d seen ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER VEHICLES - none from the north, south, east, or west NONE! As we slowed down to where our vehicle was now under the object (we could see the row of colored lights right above us) the colored lights suddenly went off and two large - spot lights came on and lit up the entire area around us. At that time my girlfriend put her head out the window and looked up and listened - all we could here was a dull hum - no jet engines, helicopter engines ect. I never came to a complete stop, the vehicle was always moving but a very slow 5-15 mph once we were near and below the object. We continued slowly until we came out from under the object - this is when we really started to wonder what it was - just a matter of seconds (10-15 maybe) we looked back and the lights were completely gone - nowhere in sight. We turned the radio back up a little, and proceeded to Hickson - never seeing another car. When we got to our destination, we talked to friends both seperately and together, and never mentioned a word about what we saw- it was like we were thinking about it, but for whatever reason, never mentioned anything to anyone else. After closing, we headed back to Fargo-Moorhead, and saw numerous cars on 81 and the other adjoining roads - at that time we began discussing what we saw. The next morning, we each took a sheet of paper and seperately drew the object from what we remembered from the previous night. We then "compared notes" only to find we had both drawn virtually the same object. I would just like to again say, we were both of sound mind and body - and still are - what ever it was - we had never seen before - and couldn't explain it. There were too many coincidences that night - no traffic anywhere, over a 20-25 mile drive with many conecting roadways, homes and BARS, on a Friday night, just south of a community population of close to 200,000 - where nobody takes a bus - everyone owns at least one car - most have two or three, not to mention snowmobiles - it's a big deal to ! ride sno wmobiles from bar to bar is this area - no snowmobiles = ZERO activity in this area - VERY VERY VERY STRANGE. We can't explain it, but I have an idea it wasn't a normal everday object or occurance.((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

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