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Nielsville, Minnesota (United States)

Sighted on Friday 10. April 2009
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: 01:30:00

my puppy morgan would not stop barking,so i went outside to check on him. i brought him into the house and he kept on barking ,facing the back towards the west. i took hom back outside and he went to the front coner of my garden and i follow him .i could not see anything because trees were in my way so i move to the fencenear the dog houses so i could get a clearer view of the field behind my house. i than notice a beatiful bright white bluish star. i was watching it,then all of sudden aonther star dropped out of it. it wobble as it dropped,and then became stationary.it was a reddish orange color star. seem smaller then the white bluish star. i had my hands on the fence as i was watching this din't think i could release the fence. the white bluish star begin to more towards the east, coming almost over my back yard. it then shoot up an diappear into space. i then turn my attention to the reddish orange star, and it begin to move towards me. it moved much slower than the white star.i begin to back away from the fence to get closer to my back door.i was between the dog houses and back porch and it seem to slow down more as it got over my back yard. i observe the star trying to see a shape but could not make out one. i then notice a low humming sound coming from the reddish star. at this point i did not know what i should do so i wave to it.i let my arm drop down, and then i waved again and said goodbye and the star took off towards the east into space and disappear just like the white star. my puppy stop barking and my older dog did not bark but he was more hyper then he normally is. before all this happen i was doing dishes i think, i really don't remember what i was doing at the time. i know i needed to check on my puppy and see what had him barking. i did know and don't understand why i knew it was not another animal my dog was barking at.i do know the humming seem to bother me and i feel lost for some reason.i do know that when i moved away from my garden to get a better view i look up, and there was the star in the sky,but i knew it was not a star. i had no fear.even with my actions of getting closer to my back door ,there was no fear in me.the only wittnesses i had was my 2 dogs and they are not talking.

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