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Grand Forks, North Dakota (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 30. August 2012
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Shape: Circle | Duration: Undisclosed

little cloud cover but cloud were at 2 different elevations. I happened to look up and saw a quick flash of light (simular to a star at night) above the lower clouds. Stared at the area for approx 1 minute and noticed above the higher cloud 3 very faint dots moving in a wedge formation. They were way to high for birds and to high for most planes. There were no flashing lights that I could see and no sound (if there was sound I may no have heard do to the far off distance). I watched the 3 dots move at what I feel was faster than a standard aircraft from the south east in what appeared to be a gentle arch to the SSE direction. This lasted approx. 15 seconds until the faint object(s) were to far off to distinguish from my vantage point.I am a 14 year Air Force verteran. I am familar with many types of civilian and military aircraft and their flying patterns. This was not lke anything I had see before.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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