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Grand Forks, North Dakota (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 30. November 2002
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

comming home in aprial 1994 from arizona it was 2-3 am we were driving down I29 north 5 miles south of grand forks north dakota my friend was driving and we saw a light over a farm house it was 20 -30 below zero out side> were the only people on the road>i said zed look at that weird light and he said its an antenna and we started argueing about it than after watching it for 10 -15 minutes and me and zed a re now yelling at eachother im telling him it aint no antenna even tho we could see like a antenna gerting comming down >just than it did a turned in mid air and started comming torward us i yelled stop stop and as it got closer i yelled go go than stop stop we jumped out on the interstate and the craft went over us no more than 1000-3000 feet above us it was huge for sure it was a flying wing comming from the west at 4 in the morning this is very strange cuz we have no flying wing planes in GFAFB we watched as it went over real low than we realized why he was their a huge huge craft was hovering to the east above our van it was trangle and had windows in the front like a hotel windows the next thing was real strange and we talk about it alot for years> we did the lost time thing you hear about we lost 2-3 hours and found ourselves standing on the highway at 30 below zero with no coates we didnt realize that we lost time till later > the strangest thing to me was their was lights from trafic but the cars never came past us on the interstate this is the biggest thing that got me it;s like they were their but not comming understand? now meny things have happened to us since this like albinos following us ya don;t laugh its real> ever see an albino in grand forks north dakota not hardly ive live here my whole liefe >yet my wife was being followed in the grocery store at the mall seems strange to me> I live on a farm now and i seem possessed to watch the sky every night i even have my bed next to the window so i can watch till i falll asleep

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