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La Quinta, CA

Sighted on Friday 15. March 2002
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: About 30 min.

((NUFORC Note: Report of missile launch from Vandenberg AFB. PD))Strange jet-trail-like thing sighted over mountainsAt about 6:00 PM, I called my friend to let her know that I was probably going to be late to her house (I was supposed to come over). However, while I was on the phone, my friend was talking and talking about some strange thing in the sky, that she couldn't exactly describe very well. I wasn't so terrified of it, because I wasn't a believer at the time, and I'm still sort of doubting the existence of aliens. Well, my friend was telling of an object that zoomed into the air from the mountains, zig-zagged, and finally disappeared, leaving a very prominent trail. As my friend said, there was a red circle surrounding it, but she wasn't able to describe the circle very well (like whether the circle appeared when the light disappeared, or how big the circle was...etc), so I'm doubting the existence of the red circle in the event. Well, while I was still talking to her on the phone, actually on my cell phone and she on her cordless phone (while she was outside checking out the strange light), our connection began to get more and more static. After a few minutes, Bridget had an idea that she would go and get her dad's digital camera and take a few pictures. This was when the light had disappeared suddenly into the mountains. By this time, it was approx. 6:20. Bridget took the pictures, and after coming over, I was able to see them. When I got to Bridget's house, the jet-trail was still very prominent. The trail just stayed in the air, without leaving until about thirty more minutes later. Also, at the points where the trail began to turn to make the trail a zig-zaggy form, there were bright lights. The top of the trail was already beginning to drift right, because of the wind. My friend and I decided to look at the pictures then. All the pictures that Bridget took of the UFO contained orbs. Bridget took a picture of me then, to check whether the camera lens were dirty or not, and the picture of me came out perfectly fine, and without orbs. After thinking and thinking about this event, I knew that the UFO had b! een in t he Earth's atmosphere, because the wind could blow the jet trail away. The jet trail was vapor, I think, because after thirty more minutes (6:40 PM), the trail had faded. Also, before taking the pictures, when there was still some sunlight left in the sky, my friend and I could see a small rainbow, probably from the sun shining through the prism. I highly doubt this is any UFO event, because we do have a air base near by, and they were probably doing some experiments/tests/launching missiles. But the occurrence just seemed so unnatural, because of it's zig-zag shape and the bright lights at each point, and how the light just disappeared. Another thing I'd like to point out is that my friend, who witnessed the whole thing, saw the light coming from somewhere behind the mountain, meaning it was probably under 2000 feet. Either the UFO landed, or the people at the air base were doing some experiments. Another thing, although this might be totally off subject (but I did hear orbs may have relation to dead people or angels), my friend's friend was shot in the chest, and found on March 14, 2002. My friend found this out March 15, 2002, so perhaps the orbs were intended for my friend (does that make sense?). I just wanted to clear the situation up, so maybe you can help me determine whether the object was an UFO or not one. Thank you very much!

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