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Escondido, California (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 28. April 2018
Reported on
Shape: Star-like | Duration: 00:02:00

Around 330 i had sleep paralysis. could not move, frozen, it started to get quiet and i live next to a freeway. windows always open so its always loud, i just moved again. i am curious on how they always find me. the last house was a nightmare. its been very quiet here for about 1 year. there is a sound that is hard to explain. my ears popped. there is a small sonic boom crackle with it, followed by , well i guess the only way to put it is hearing a ringing of deafening proportion. ("they must have been around all day. you know when they are their because they glimmer. they sparkle. like a flash of light. was seeing them all that morning walking around the property." ) (you can call me crazy all you want, but when you have been dealing with this like i have since i was a child you start to recognize certain glitches in the system so to speak.) static in the air, but it is just so draining. i cant move. every thing is going dark. its as if you dimmed the night more if that is even possible to imagine. i can feel my self slipping away. the feeling is like someone drugged you with a huge sleep sedative. full force sleep paralysis......(they use this tactic all the time. most cant handle it so they give in, or get stuck in the in between stage as i like to call it. were your completely frozen but still aware of your surroundings. ) ( " i have been training my self for years now on how to get out of what ever it is they put me in a trance like coma when they come. fyi.....Not easy to do ") the buzzing is starting to fade but the feeling this time is so strong. angry . its building, the rage. fight or flight is kicking in. over whelming sense of awareness is hovering over me. short sparkles followed by a huge shadow starts to appear. i can finally start to see but getting dizzy. eyes are starting to focus on what it is that i was seeing... then their it was as i looked up at out of bed. (tall, red - slender tone body. very fleshy looking. beak like mouth. reptile almost looking around the head but also had a very normal depiction of what a grey alien would look like. humanoid body.. 5 fingers, but they were very long followed by the the last two being shorter. 8ft tall easy. black eyes.) strangest thing is i wasn't scarred, but more worried about the look on its face when it realized i could see it.....(sleep hasn't been easy for me lately since that day. how do i go on with my life having an experience like this. i feel like shrodinger"s cat...) it stood there for ever is what it felt like. then it raised its hand and pointed it at me, i started to feel so weak and tired. it walked over to me and every step it maid i fell back slower and lower on the bed until it was directly on top of me. its hand still outward stretched at my head. i was now looking straight up at it. the look on its face was so cereal. red face,with giant black eyes, a beak for a mouth staring me down. the jaw line and cheeks were so defined. very humanoid. but the brow line is what got me. everything is very emotionless with it. but the facial expression it maid was very aware of me noticing it. i don't think it expected i was gonna see it. it did something though to me. what ever ii does when they first appear is how it felt at that moment. this thing fought to put me down you could see it in its face. the strange part there was no fear with it. more like a comfortable friend you could always count on being there for you in any situation.. just very calm . trust me i know it sounds ridiculous. but for the first time in a long time my eyes are wide open. and whats the number 33.. it always has to do with 33. they always come. or give signs at 33 on the clock. no matter the time of day,,,but they love to come at 3:30 or 1:33 in the morning.

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