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Socorro, NM

Sighted on Wednesday 19. June 2002
Reported on
Shape: Cylinder | Duration: 45 minutes

apparently two lighted objects showed themselves for nearly one hour moving, blinking,ect,on stated time, wittness # 1 called out to look in sky,,, wittness # 2 ran to back door,, and saw what appeared to be two sets of lights , 6 each on two (craft) (objects) in what appeared to be a formation side by side moving northward in sky approximatly twenty thousand feet up in the vicinity of the "trinity" site,,,( a dozen miles east of I 25,, about midway between t or c and socorro new mexico,, these "things, " stayed in plain site long enough to call from our back porch to the police station here in socorro, but instead of taking a report, the dispatcher wanted to "send "a car around to talk to me,,, all i wanted them to do is "look out" and see what we were looking at,,night was relatively clear just past dusk and the skyline was visible to the south,, ( sun going down to our right side ) virtually cloudless, with no wind noise,, lights were going on, and off at about six second intervals in unison on both crafts, with a speed going from slow to fast and back all during this time, ,this went on for most of the sighting time, until the lights just,,,,went out, without a sound, ,,, waited for several minutes, and these things re-appeared now slightly west of the original position,, now goung south at the same hight and speed,, and continued to do this for the remainder of the sighting time,, then they again just went out, not in distance but vision, pizza delivery man came, ran to front door,, and was paying for pizza when i mentioned what we had been doing in the back part of the house,,, and he said with out skipping a beat,, "oh, i saw that" last night over socorro and just thought it was a balloon" (some people just dont get exited about anything,) these made no noise altho we were quite a way from it (them),, sped up, slowed down regularly as in a controlled flight, and gave no reference to anything either of us had ever seen before as far as planes, balloons, rockets or what ever,, altho we see rocket shots from white sands from time to time,,, have no explaination for this sighti! ng,,, we nt to police station next day,,, they gave me a weired look, and said that it "was a weather balloon" from alamagordo,,

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