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Bessemer, AL

Sighted on Friday 19. July 2002
Reported on
Shape: Disk | Duration: one minute

Encounter of the first kind with video and photographs to back up account.I was traveling back home from dinner at some friend's house when I notice what I thought at first to be part of the moon obscured by clouds in the western sky. Then I started looking around and noticed that it was a starlit cloudless night. Well then I surmised that may be because it was low in the sky that it was the moon partially hidden by a hill in the distance. That was when I begin looking around to make sure it was even the moon. I glanced over my left shoulder and saw the moon. So then I got excited and went home (approx. a mile away) and got my video camera. I went to the parking lot of this church I attend because it was on a hill with a much better view, in my rush however, I did not get my tripod, but I did manage to get the object on video and took still pictures from the video. The sighting lasted about a minute or two before the object disappeared like someone turning off the light. I have never seen anything like it and would like some rational input on the subject. I have read books on UFO's and seen more than my share of documentaries but I have never seen one let alone videotape it.((FOLLOW-UP COMMUNICATION FROM WITNESS))unfortunatly Mr. Davenport, it turned out to be nothing more than an advertising blimp for a local car dealership. It would make for a very humourous story though.((END))

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