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Polomolok, South Cotabato (Philippines)

Sighted on Friday 28. June 2002
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Shape: Cigar | Duration: 5 to 7 seconds

An object, a wingless aircraft, resembling a giant silver colored cucumber the size of a modern Airbus hovers motionless approximately 500 feet above a pineapple field operated by Dole Philippines, Inc. which is a US based food company where I work. The object has no other accessories except for protruding and brightly reflecting silver stripes along its body. There were four of us in a car and mobile, the driver busily conversing with two others seated at the back, did not pay attention to my having been awestruck by the sight of a very fast moving aircraft from the south coming towards our direction, which then become suddenly stationary about a mile away, showed its full view sideways for about 3 seconds while I changed from sunglass that I was wearing at the time to a clear spectacular. The object then seemed to face back toward us but started to move in the opposite direction which in a fraction to one second was gone from sight. Total viewing time was approximately 7 seconds.

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