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General Santos City

Sighted on Friday 14. August 2020
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Shape: Cant define only sounds | Duration: 10 minutes

It's 12:30am here in Gensan. August 14. My mom, sister, and I were in the living room. Then we thought we heard an airplane passing by. Then I said "doola oy" (it seems so near) because the sounds grew louder I thought it was going to crashed our house!! But it did not so I went outside under the trees and the loud aircraft-like sounds was still there. I was so scared to go out because whatever it is it is hovering over our roof. I came to my senses and recorded the sound but it's not louder than what it originally was. I know for a fact airplanes can't stay so long hovering in the same space not are fighter jets! The dogs are even barking. I just two white lights that passed by and the sound of the UFO or whatever it was slowly faded but we can still hear it from afar. Then a few minutes later it came back but it did not hover our house anymore. It just passed through again. My mom heard it and so did my sister. Gensan is a small town and it has no night flights. If it is a fighter jet, why would it come here at 12:30am? It cannot possibly hover very near at our house either. My human instict just tells me it MIGHT BE a UFO.

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