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Kitimat (Canada), BC

Sighted on Sunday 21. July 2002
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Shape: Disk | Duration: seconds

There is allot of detail on this saucer shaped object.I was recently on holidays in the Kitimat, B.C. area. We popped in from Terrace just for a short visit, and when we were leaving, we pulled up at the view point by the fire hall. I said to the kids, I wanted a picture of them (Kitimat 1). I took the picture, but they were goofing off, so I said I wanted to take one more. I took it (Kitimat 2), and as soon as I took it, they ran off to play. I walked up to the red flower, and zoomed in a little to get a shot of the scenery (Kitimat 3). I snapped the picture, but did not notice anything unusual in the shot. When I downloaded the camera that night in Burns Lake, I saw the disk shaped object in the middle. The next day after looking closer I saw the second object to the left of it. And after allot of further review, you can see two other spots, but they are very faint. All these photo's are only about 20 to 30 seconds apart. The thing that amazes me is that nothing is there in the second photo, but there they are in the third. They had to have been travelling at a great speed to get there. I don't think I noticed anything in the camera because of the speed in which they are travelling. I phoned the Terrace airport the next day (Monday), and the only traffic they had around 2:00 pm was a Hawker (Lear Jet type), and a Dash Eight. Other that that a couple of small planes. No one had reported anything unusual as well. I did phone again on Thursday to see if anyone had reported anything, and still nothing.The photo's were taken with a pretty good camera (Olympus D-40), 4 mega pixel digital camera. But I have since found out that jpegs are not very good for blowing up images. The more you save an image, the more it gets distorted. I have had the photo's copyrighted, because originally I thought there maybe some equipment that would be able to blow it up better than I can. With my computer I can make out , what looks to be windows, and another some type of port on the lower left side. It is definitely disk shaped, but with all the light reflecting on it, it looks like a bunch of knuckles around it. I am sending you the copyrighted version, and I am also sending you the original version. I don't know how clear the original version will be for you, I know when I blow it up with a different program, it is more blurry than blowing it up with my camera software. The problem is I can't print the blown up image with my camera software, I have to open it in a different program that lets me print the blown up image, resulting in a more distorted view. I do have an email to Olympus, hoping they can help me. If this thing can be blown up with very good results, it will be the best picture caught on camera, because of al the detail the picture can offer. I have since seen allot of other photo's, and most of them look so plain (like putting two saucers together) they are just all metal, no details at all. The way the light hits it at the of the craft, you can tell the top half is curved up and the bottom half curves down, forming a saucer. the light reflecting on the craft shows allot of detail. I just have to have a clearer image.Anyways, it is just total fluke that I got this thing on camera. I think that these things are travelling so fast, nobody gets a chance to see these, unless they stop, or if it's at night (if they have lights).((NUFORC Note: We have examined the photos sent by the witness. They are high quality photos, but the image of an anomalous object appears to us to be ambiguous. Our guess would be that the object is a large bird, possibly an eagle, flying away from the camera. However, the photographer responds that in the original digital photo, it clearly is not a bird. The witness has been directed to Dr. Jeff Sainio, and Dr. Bruce Maccabee to have them look at the photo. We will seek permission to post the photo to our homepage. PD

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