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Amman (Jordan)

Sighted on Sunday 28. July 2002
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 2-4min

movin lightsi went out side n i was lookin the sky when i i see this star moving it was moving at a very fast speed. there was nothin following it no tail. as it was moving i saw another 1 which was goin the opposite direction then it disapeard into the sky i lookd back at the other 1 n i saw another 1 near it which also disapears. the light kept movin till it went out of view behind the buldings. (it wasnt a meteor nor comet they move to slow)yea n im not makin this up like half the other ppl

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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عمّان, محافظة العاصمة (Jordan) 2019-02-18 Sphere 12:00:00
Amman, Amman Governorate (Jordan) 2017-08-04 Fireball 00:20:00
Jerusalem, Jerusalem District (Israel) 2015-09-22 Unknown Undisclosed
Amman, Amman (Jordan) 2015-01-18 Blimp Undisclosed
Tira (Israel) 2014-09-14 Triangle 30-50 seconds
As-Salt, Balqa Governorate (Jordan) 2013-07-03 Unknown 00:00:30
Abu Gosh (Israel) 2013-07-02 Light 15 seconds
Abu Gosh (Israel), 2013-07-01 Sphere 1 minute
Hebron (Israel) 2013-06-03 Light 15 minutes
Jerusalem (Israel) 2012-10-15 Oval 30 minutes
Irbid (Jordan) 2012-06-07 Unknown 1 minute
Jerusalem (Israel) 2011-01-28 Sphere 23 seconds
Bet Shemesh, Yerushalayim (Israel) 2011-01-12 Star-like Undisclosed
Amman (Jordan) 2010-09-21 Sphere 1 min
Madaba, Madaba (Jordan) 2010-06-22 Cone, Diamond, Star-like Undisclosed
not in one, IL 2008-09-14 Light 1 second
Amman (Jordan) 2008-07-18 Light 6-10 secounds
Amman/Wadi Ram (desert) (Jordan) 2007-04-12 Unknown
Maale Adummim (Israel) 2006-04-03 Other flying object
Amman, Amman (Jordan) 2005-10-10 Star-like Undisclosed
Amman (Jordan) 2005-08-27 Triangle 3 mins
Near Beth-Shemesh (Israel) 2005-05-10 Triangle 5 minutes
Galilee (Israel) 2004-07-09 Flash 4 minutes
Amman (Jordan) 2004-03-25 Cigar 10 seconds
Ein Gedi (Israel) 2002-01-20 Disk 2 minutes
Jordan Valley (Jordan) 2000-07-15 Formation 30 MINUTES
Jerusalem (Israel) 1999-01-30 Disk 20 minutes
Hebron Road (Palestine) 1998-11-12 Fireball 5 seconds
Jerusalem, Jerusalem District (Israel) 1993-02-07 Circle 00:00:30
Kerak (Jordan) 1990-11-15 Oval 3 minutes
Beit She'an, North District (Israel) 1989-01-09 N, A
Ein Geidi Beach (Israel) 1984-02-22 Unknown 10minutes