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Ein Gedi (Israel)

Sighted on Sunday 20. January 2002
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Shape: Disk | Duration: 2 minutes

Silvery oval disk hovering for 2 minutes over the cliffs of the dead sea in IsraelI observed 1 oval type craft on the edge of the dead sea hovering over the nearby hills of Ein Gedi, Israel. I was riding a bus with Israeli tourists when I noticed the object just sitting in the air. I took a double take and looked around at people on the bus to see if they noticed it. The sun was shining on the object and it was reflecting. I thought to myself it was a helicopter at first but it kept sitting still and didn't have any movable parts like a helicopter blade. The object had no wings and just seemed to be hovering. I watched the object for 2 minutes and then the bus drove by a cliff that blocked my view. I was baffled. Unfortunately my camera was in my bag underneath the bus. The object seemed to be a silver color. The object seemed to be observing the dead sea area. I'm baffled even to this day.

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