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Paradise Island (Bahamas)

Sighted on Tuesday 25. June 2002
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Shape: Disk | Duration: 30 seconds

Bamahas UFOI have experience in aviation, attained a Private Pilots license.I am 42 years of age and never seen any UFO before. Me my wife and my 9 year old son just came out of the Atlantis Hotel. Looking at the night sky was an object.My first impression was that it was a large bird because of the speed that it is flying( real slow). Staring at it for about 10 seconds, I then observe that it looks like a top hat and seems to be illuminated by the hotels light that gave it a light brown color. No light was coming from the object, my guess was it was probably between 2000-3000 feet high. It then made a turn and at the same time accelerated into the clouds. A manuever that made me think that I just saw an UFO.Still I verified by looking at the clouds how fast it is moving. No wind clouds moving real slow.A bird? They don't accelerate.Plane? No beacon lights, no sound, flight speed and acceleration dont'fit.Helicopter? Maybe could make the manuever but everyone knows a helicoptert when they see one.ET? I didn't say that.UFO? Definitely.

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