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Nassau (Bahamas)

Sighted on Saturday 14. September 2002
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Shape: Disk | Duration: 3 min

Small glowing Red light over the water in the Bahamas, shot towards us and flew over us, silent and disc shaped.On a dry, calm night around 11:00pm while sitting on a beach lounge chair with my girlfriend on the South side of New Providence Island in the Bahamas, we saw a small marroon colored object in the far distance. I asked her if she saw it and joked about it being a UFO, within 1 minute the object had became much larger and looked like it was coming towards us at an insane speed. As the object approached we saw it was a craft of some sort, glowing red, with a array of lights. The object made no noise, I tryed to photogragh it but the picture did not come through. It went almost directly over us and our small resort hotel and vanished behind the trees. We looked at each other went to our room and told my Mother and Sister what happened. We both strongly beleive that what we saw that night was from another planet.

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