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Hazard, KY

Sighted on Friday 26. July 2002
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Shape: Formation | Duration: 2min

moving stars. I saw 3 stars move and fly into deep spaceI was on a mountain looking for a cabin. I was low on gas. I decided to turn back.Before going off the mountain I was amazed by how beautiful the sky looked. I got out of my Chevy Blazer and climbed on the roof to lay back for a few and check out the sky. The stars were beautiful. I stoped on a certin star to look at it. There were all kinds of stars in the sky but I stoped at this certin one. The star had a few stars about the same size around it. All at once the stars around the one I was looking at started to move. They moveed to gether but not perfect. They moved down away from the one I stoped on. They continued to move for about a minute and one of them broke away from the others and flew into another sorounding star. It looked like they were flying in a triangle pattern. They looked like they were far into space with the stars that didnt move. Eventualy the other 2 went deeper into space and vanished. I know they had to go deeper because thier light slowly dimmed until they were not visible to the eye. I now no there is life in space.. or angels...The reason I say angels is because I prayed to God that he would show me somthing in the sky that night and 1 min later, I saw those stars move if they are stars.Today is the 28th its 230 in the morning. Yesterday or last night. I saw it agian.This time I saw one of them it lasted for about 30 sec. It vanished also. I am trying to conceve what I saw. Its hard to accept but I have to. I seen it with my own eyes. I am a smart sain person and Believe in GOD and Jesus. I have no reason to lie and cant profit from this in anyway. There is no record of what I saw. nobody will be able to say that what ever I saw that night and the night after wasn't real. It was so amazing! I am so happy now. It confuses me because I didnt belive that there was life other than whats on earth. If anybody was looking in the same spot I was, with or without a telescope they must have said something or seen something. Take it from me and believe that we are not alone in some shape or fashion.Those thing were alive and bright as a star. Thank you...…((name deleted))

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