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Siler, Kentucky (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 26. March 2020
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 01:36:42

Object was spotted by myself first. then i noticed that it was way to bright to be anything i've ever seen before and i'm 42 years old,, it then began to appear then disappear at will then became almost spider webbed in appearance and began flickering in an odd manner! i began recording it almost immediately with my iphone 11 and began pursuing the entity when it began crossing to the northern sky as i followed, my fiancã© then took the phone and recorded it as it morphed into a unknown spherical orange colored portal of some sort then morphed again and it looked like ðÿª� and then began too break apart all the while another shape was beginning too almost be it's watcher and became bright as the brightest light i've ever seen in the sky!! after the phone began loosing battery which never happens we came back home and i got my i tablet and began to record and take x ray vision and heat detection pictures which appeared to be very hot animate objects that seemed too observe us for a long time in which we both became seriously ðÿ˜·!!!,, we then became a little bit afraid of the whatever the things were and had to come inside and lick the doors...... my neighbor also witnessed the shapeshifter object when i got her attention. this was the freakiest thing we all three have ever witnessed and i see many freaky objects in our overhead sky but this tops the list and we h e pics, video too prove it if the men in black don't get here first! true story non-fictional as it becomes! thanks for listening we are really freaked out by this experience and kinda scared!

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