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Grand Forks (Canada), BC

Sighted on Monday 12. August 2002
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 5-6 seconds

Mysterious BALL OF LIGHT seen in skies above GRAND FORKS B.C.During the night of aug.12 at approximately 23:00 pm,it was pitch black out and my girl freind and i were observing the meteor showers.As we watched the sky for meteors my girl freind said "oh wow ,look a sattelite". To my amazement we both saw a light bluish (round) large light hovering above her house (about the size of a finger nail)or the size of a pea.We both watched in awe at its beauty..and couldnt take our eyes of it..It had to have been at least 1 1/2 to 2 miles in the atmosphere. we thought that no sattelite could generate that bright of a reflection..it moved from south to north at a speed faster than a sattelite,but yet slower than a comet...it lasted only 4 to 6 seconds and then it became smaller and smaller until we lost site of it in the sky.We contacted people in the area but nobody else reported seeing anything out of the ordinary.We dissmiss are encouter associated with the space station ,for it travels from east to west ,not south to north.We wanted to make sense of the sighting as a meteorite,but with the lack of any sound or a tail...it totally blew us away..after reading the reports around the british columbia central interior..i thopught wow we werent the only ones to experience this ball of light..so i thought i'd let the other wittnesses know that THEY WERENT ALONE.also note that the next evening we waited from 22:30 pm till 23:30 pm to watch the sky to see if it would reappear in the same path about the same time,but nothing was seen..?((NUFORC Note: Sighting may have been caused by the flare from an Iridium satellite, which occurred at 22:44 hrs. on this date. Please see entry at the following URL:http://heavens-above.com/iridium.asp?lat=49.050&lng=-118.467&alt=609&loc=Grand+Forks&TZ=PST&Date=37479.6993333333&Dur=2PD))

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Oroville, Washington (United States) 2006-08-05 Star-like 00:00:10
Addy, WA 2006-07-09 Unknown 10 min
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Onion Creek, WA 2006-03-25 Fireball 4 seconds
Wauconda, WA 2005-08-28 Light 15 MIN
Nelson, British Columbia (Canada) 2005-06-30 Triangle Undisclosed
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Penticton (Canada), BC 2003-08-30 Fireball 3 seconds
Penticton (Canada), BC 2003-08-18 Other 4 seconds
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