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Shropham Norfolk (UK/England)

Sighted on Thursday 22. August 2002
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 30-45 Minutes

Bright Yellow/Orange Lights hovering and following car for 4 Miles.Photos of lights obtained after arriving home.On the way home from a night out with one of my Business colleagues on the 31-Jul-02,we witnessed some strange lights from our taxi window.These lights were very low and orange in intensity. The motion of the lights was very unusual, hovering at times then disappearing instantaneously the next minute to another part of the sky.Both myself,my business colleague and the taxi driver were taken back by what we viewed. We made an attempt to follow the lights, but they kept dissappearing rapidly.(see seperate report listed under July0 This week on the 22nd August 02 my wife was driving our family home. Our eldest daughter asked if two lights in the sky were stars. When looking at what she was looking at, it was apparent that these were the same lights that i had viewed earlier on. The strange thing about these lights was that whatever direction we turned, the lights appeared to be directly behind us. This continued until we arriived home.When i arrived home the lights were still present over one of the fields. I fetched my Sony Digital Camera and on two occasions took a selection of photos and some small video footage (max 60 secs). The motion of the lights was again unusual with very rapid movement at very low height. No engine noise was noticable when i took the photos. On the second occasion of taking photos i stopped when the objects started to become nearer.When viewing some of the photos, some very strange images are apparent.I live in Norfolk, and we regularly have military activity over our house due to the location of various bases. I am familiar with the sight of low flying planes and helicopters.This light source was certainly not normal.I have 39 photos and 4 small video clips currently stored on my camera.This second sighting in conjunction with the photos has prompted me to report both sightings.

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Brandon Parva, England (United Kingdom) 2015-06-30 Triangle 00:00:10
Sandy, England (United Kingdom) 2015-03-21 Bright light 4 seconds