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Grindelwald (Switzerland)

Sighted on Friday 27. September 2002
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 5 mins.

Observed one aluminum colored spherical object in Switzerland on Sep 27 2002I was on a 4 day coach trip from England to Switzerland. We stopped off at the town of Grindelwald to sight-see. I had my zoom binoculars (7 - 21 X 50) with me and started to look at the local mountains from the coach parking area. One mountain which was due south of us (I also had my compass with me) had a particularly pointed shape with left and right slopes of about 45 degrees. Over this peak I saw a spherical shaped object which I thought must be some sort of symbol erected on a mast at the peak of the mountain, but after a few seconds observation I realised there was no mast. The object looked aluminum in color and was illuminated by the sun. Without the binoculars I had great difficulty in finding the object, but could just about see it with the naked eye. Over the period of 5 minutes it moved to the right very slowly and eventually disappeared behind another mountain mass. Another person in our party also had a pair of binoculars and was able to observe the same object. I later tried to work out the angular diameter of the object and I estimated it to be not more than 3 mins of arc. Being a stranger to the area I could not tell how far away the mountain was but using estimates of say 4 miles distance this would place the diameter of the object at about 18 feet.

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