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Zurich (Switzerland)

Sighted on Friday 01. May 2009
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 1 minute

Reddish light across lake Zurich, no noise, hovers in place then disappears behind cloudsI saw a brigh reddish light across the lake. At first I thought it was a flare or a very big shooting star. However, during the time I watched, it moved across the lake at even speed, slower than what normal planes look like, which I have viewed many times.There was some clouds, light whispy, but the circlular red light could be viewed even when clouds were in the way. About 20 seconds of watching brought the light about 70 degrees above me where it stopped. Up to this point, I was expecting to hear a sound, plane or helicopter and to see running lights when it got closer, but neither happened.It stopped for about 10 seconds maybe more when I heard some people on the street and tried to alert them to what I was seeing. However, and this sounds made up I know, the light then moved slowly to my left and got behind thicker clouds. The reddish light could still be seen from time to time over the next 10 seconds or so as I tried to guide them in to what i saw but by then, even if they did see it, it would not have made much sense to them as you could not really define it or see the movement.Its hard to say if it was getting higher, but through the clouds when I did see it, the size appeared to have diminished.The only logical thing I can think of is that it was some sort of flare on a parachutte. However, if it was that then it was above clouds, so at least 1000 feet in the air, it moved in a straight line for 20 to 30 seconds I watched it, stopped dead in its tracks for 10 seconds at least and then moved to my left. While I could see the light, it did not vary, didnt get bigger or smaller or flicker.

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