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Maugenhard (Germany)

Sighted on Monday 22. July 2002
Reported on
Shape: Disk | Duration: 2-3 minutes

Not just another ordinary UFO sighting!!! Must Read!There were several of them hovering over a group of my friends for several minutes. They were about fifteen feet from the ground because we could see our reflections in the shiny metal. The saucers pulsed with lights, growing dim then becoming very bright (even in the daylight) After a few minutes my friends and I began to feel extremely strong and full of energy. The objects were extremely shiny and perfectly round. There were blue, yellow, and white lights on the craft. It is hard to describe! If only you could have been there!!!!! Ever since the event I have improved in virtually all my skills. My friend and I are faster runners, we are scoring MUCH higher on all our tests. Things I didn't understand before makes complete sense. I don't know what happened when we saw those lights but there it is definitely way beyond anything I could have comprehended!!!((NUFORC Note: We will request a report from the other witness, as well. PD))

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Zurich (Switzerland) 2010-06-27 Light 1 hour
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Sélestat, Alsace (France) 2009-04-01 Blimp, Boomerang, Bullet, Missile, Cigar, Cone, Chevron, Circle, Cross, Cylinder, Diamond, Disc, Egg, Fireball, Flash, Oval, Saturn-like, Sphere, Square, Rectagular, Star-like, Teardrop, Triangle, Other, Unknown 12:54:12
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Berne (Switzerland) 2002-09-14 Rectangle 1 Minute
Köniz (Switzerland) 2001-03-18 Circle 50sec
Zuerich (Switzerland) 2000-12-11 Formation 2 minutes
Zurich (Switzerland) 2000-01-01 Light 20 min.
Freiburg, Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany) 1998-08-15 Fireball Undisclosed
Zurich (Switzerland) 1997-09-02 Disk unknown
Rheinfelden, Baden-Württemberg (Germany) 1996-08-20 Other 00:10:00
Zurich, Zurich (Switzerland) 1991-11-30 Triangle Undisclosed
Metzerlen-Mariastein, Solothurn (Switzerland) 1991-09-14 Unknown 00:20:00
Böttingen, Baden-Württemberg (Germany) 1987-12-16 Diamond Undisclosed
Aarau (Switzerland) 1951-07-15 Disk approx. 10 minutes