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Naxcivan (Azerbaijan)

Sighted on Wednesday 25. September 2002
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Shape: Disk | Duration:

that day our city was rainy.. but when i exit the cafe there was no rain.. and look up....my friends have internet cafe .we always exit there midnight .playing games..chat..one day my friend must go out of city to hospital.he is mum had accident.and give the key me for open the cafe. i opened and midnight i think i closed 03:15 and exit there(cafe) and that day here was raining .. i was get coat with me but i saw there was no raining and very dark... i looked up and saw a big X like a disc.. WAW... very big and it is dont let raining here . ithink it was diametr 500-600 m .it was not move...from the building one man shout it(pistol) i think 8 times... all shurjer.after i saw rain was started and disk was slowly go but to up not left right to up ... after that polices come and get that man.. it is 100 % UFO

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