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Marand, East Azerbaijan Province (Iran)

Sighted on Wednesday 22. September 1993
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 00:00:06

September, 22, 1993, city of marand in east azerbaijan province, iran, i and my sister were in the yard at midnight. i was 12 years old and my sister was 17. we usually were sleeping at the yard in the summer. at that night we saw a very odd object. in the view we were seen, please note “in the view we were seen”, suddenly a brilliant circle went up behind the buildings, after some seconds it stood and then came back to the first point. that circle apparently was turning around and emitting lights. also the effect of that was remaining in the previous place after going up and coming down. during the sighting, we did not know what it is and we were just scared. after the ufo disappeared, my brother, he felt just some lights at home, was shouting what was that, but we had no answer while we just were looking at that place. tomorrow morning we discussed about that object and we concluded that it was just ufo. after some months, i studied some books and papers about ufo and i was and am sure that what we saw at that night was a ufo. i have told this story the people, some of them accepted it and some of them did not. it is not matter to me that what people think about me and that event, what is important for me is that “at that night i saw a ufo “. fortunately i could find a website to say what i saw to people around the world.

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