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Hot Springs Cove (Canada), BC

Sighted on Saturday 30. November 2002
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Shape: Light | Duration: two hours

bright object displaying rapid motion with instantabeous direction changes low on the horizonAt about 2050 hours on the saturday night in hot springs cove, situated about 25 miles north of Tofino, british columbia, i observed very low on the horizon to the east and lower right of the dipper a very bright light which over the next two hours performed a great number of movements. Typical movements included circular loops and some very rapid vertical motions followed by rapid change of direction to horizontal and then followed by a loop terminating in about the original position. one characteristic was the instantateous change of direction of flight. another feature was the very brightness of the object: it was brighter than any nearby star and it did not flicker at all.I determined the motion of this object by referencing two stationary objects and sighting along to see what the motion was. the most rapid motion was vertcally downwards which happened perhaps four or five times during the two hours of observation. it was a very crisp clear night though a bit of fog developed later.other than the rotation of the earth displaying ever unfolding vista through the night, the only other bright object with motion was an aircraft flying basically north to south.certified true and correct ((name deleted)) B. Eng., M/Sc. Diploma Aeronautical Technology/skeptical and objective observer((NUFORC Note: The date is approximate. The Saturday night, to which the witness alludes, fell on November 30th. We have amended the date here. PD))

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