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Courtenay (Canada), BC

Sighted on Sunday 05. January 2003
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Shape: Other | Duration: 45 min

Bright cresent moon shaped object, small, that moved fast and looped, turned fast, didn't have an orbit. flashedOne of us saw a bright star in the sky, except it couldn't have been a star. It wasen't shaped like a star and it was a lot brighter then any of the other star, also it was moving. It didn't have an orbit, it would move really fast, then stop moving, it would move in the shape of a horse-shoe, and spiral around, it couldn't have been a plane because it was going to fast and was too high, planes also do not manouver in the way we saw it. All four of us saw it, we watched it for about 30 min, and it moved like nothing we had ever seen, in the sky, then it started going straight moving very fast, and gradually became dimmer. It flashed every so often either brighter or different colors such as green, red, blue. It eventually faded away and we couldn't see it anymore, after about 45 min.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Coombs 2022-09-18 straightline multiple lights less than 5 mins
Logging Road, Shawnigan Lake, Canada 2021-05-16 Translucent couldn’t make out much but definitely huge, rounded and thin A minute or two if that it moved fast
Courtenay, British Columbia (Canada) 2020-05-01 Diamond 00:30:00
Campbell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2020-04-23 Other 00:00:30
Qualicum Beach, British Columbia (Canada) 2020-03-14 Triangle 00:15:00
Campbell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2020-02-20 Star-like 00:15:00
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2020-02-08 Other 01:00:00
Oceanside ca 2020-01-26 Disc / blimp 15min
Campbell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2019-11-29 Star-like 00:00:10
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2019-10-19 Other 00:25:00
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2019-09-22 Circle 02:00:00
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2019-09-10 Circle 00:45:00
Gabriola, British Columbia (Canada) 2019-08-24 Disc 00:00:01
Bowser, British Columbia (Canada) 2019-04-30 Fireball 01:00:00
Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia (Canada) 2019-01-21 Other 00:00:00
Courtenay, British Columbia (Canada) 2018-09-29 Triangle
Black creek, British Columbia (Canada) 2017-12-30 Teardrop 00:00:15
Comox, BC (Canada) 2017-08-27 Orb 2 or 3 minutes
Kansas City, Missouri (United States) 2017-08-21 Round orbs Less than 2 minutes
Port Alberni, British Columbia (Canada) 2017-07-30 Sphere 00:02:00
Courtenay (Canada), BC 2017-06-25 Light 3 minutes
Nanaimo (Canada), BC 2017-06-10 Light >15 minutes
Tofino, BC, Canada 2017-05-07 4 vapour trails 2 minutes
Powell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2017-05-03 Oval 00:00:45
Powell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2017-05-03 Oval 00:00:45
Nanaimo (Canada), BC 2017-04-25 Circle 30 minutes
Parksville, British Columbia (Canada) 2017-02-19 Circle 00:00:52
Ucluelet, British Columbia (Canada) 2017-01-23 N, A 05:00:00
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2016-10-14 Sphere 00:01:00
Parksville/Nanaimo (Canada), BC 2016-09-03 Light 20 minutes
Nanoose Bay, British Columbia (Canada) 2016-08-21 Cigar 00:00:03
Nanaimo (Canada), BC 2016-07-04 2 minutes
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2016-06-03 Cone Undisclosed
Nanaimo, BC (Canada) 2016-04-16 orbs 30 seconds
Parksville, British Columbia (Canada) 2016-03-25 Triangle 00:10:00
Bowser (Canada), BC 2016-02-27 Circle 2 hours
Nanaimo, BC (Canada) 2015-11-24 Round flashing, 1.5 hours
Nanaimo (Canada), BC 2015-11-24 Light now
Whiskey Creek/Parksville (Canada), BC 2015-09-27 Changing 10 minutes
Sechelt, British Columbia (Canada) 2015-09-10 Disc Undisclosed
Ralph River, Strathcona P, British Columbia (Canada) 2015-08-24 Star-like 00:15:00
Whiskey Creek/Parksville (Canada), BC 2015-08-20 Changing 1 hour
Sechelt, British Columbia (Canada) 2015-08-12 Saturn-like 00:00:04
Parksville, British Columbia (Canada) 2015-08-11 Fireball Undisclosed
Nanaimo (Canada), BC 2015-05-19 Light >1 hour
Bowser, British Columbia (Canada) 2015-03-08 Sphere Undisclosed
Campbell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2015-03-07 Other Undisclosed
Parksville, BC 2015-02-18 Light 5 minutes
Powell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-12-26 Star-like 00:45:06
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-12-26 Oval or diamond 5 minutes
Nanaimo (Canada), BC 2014-09-28 Oval 45 minutes
Campbell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-09-22 Triangle Undisclosed
Courtenay (Canada), BC 2014-09-13 Oval 1+ minute
Nanoose Bay (Canada), BC 2014-09-13 Circle 5 seconds
Nanaimo, BC (Canada) 2014-09-06 star 30min
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-08-24 Star-like Undisclosed
Nanaimo, BC (Canada) 2014-08-18 sphere 2 or 3 seconds
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-08-12 Ball Seconds
Campbell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-08-11 Circle Undisclosed
Campbell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-08-02 Sphere 00:20:00
Powell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-08-01 Star-like Undisclosed
Powell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-07-31 Star-like Undisclosed
Texada Island, BC 2014-06-11 Orb light 60 seconds
Powell River (Canada), BC 2014-06-05 Light 45 seconds
Powell River (Canada), BC 2014-06-05 Light 45 seconds
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-05-24 Circular red 20 minutes
Vancouver Island (Canada) 2014-05-22
Powell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-05-17 Triangle 01:00:00
Parksville (Canada), BC 2014-05-16 Light 3 minutes
Parksville (Canada), BC 2014-05-16 Light 3 minutes
Powell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-04-29 Star 1 Min
Naniamo (Canada), BC 2014-04-24 Circle 2 seconds
Nanaimo (Canada), BC 2014-04-18 Light 30 seconds
Sechelt, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-04-14 Fireball (light spheres) 6 Minutes
Campbell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-04-14 Oval Undisclosed
Courtenay, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-02-07 Triangle Undisclosed
Nanaimo (Canada), BC 2014-02-02 Changing 10 minutes
Cortes Island, British Columbia (Canada) 2014-01-02 Star-like Undisclosed
Parksville (Canada), BC 2013-12-23 Circle 5 minutes
Port Alberni (Canada), BC 2013-10-27 Circle 5 minutes
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2013-09-07 Sphere 00:00:30
Campbell River (Canada), BC 2013-08-31 Unknown 15 minutess
Nanaimo (Canada) 2013-08-17 round 2 minutes
Lantzville, BC (Canada) 2013-08-09 Circular 5 Minutes
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2013-08-08 Sphere Undisclosed
Straight of Georgia, Campbell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2013-08-06 Thin Disk 45 seconds
Campbell River (Canada), BC 2013-07-11 Oval 30 seconds
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2013-07-06 Oval/disk 2 minutes
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2013-07-02 Round possibly 3 minutes
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2013-06-30 Oval, Triangle Undisclosed
Campbell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2013-05-26 Sphere, Star-like Undisclosed
Powell River, British Columbia (Canada) 2013-05-03 Unknown Undisclosed
Port Alberni (Canada), BC 2013-04-14 Light 3-4 minutes
Courtenay (Canada), BC 2013-01-13 Light 1 second
Sechelt, British Columbia (Canada) 2012-12-25 Sphere 00:00:02
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2012-11-04 Sphere, Star-like 00:05:00
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2012-10-13 Circle, Fireball Undisclosed
Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada) 2012-09-18 Sphere, Star-like Undisclosed
Parksville, British Columbia (Canada) 2011-11-10 Triangle Undisclosed
Courtenay (Canada), BC 2011-05-12 Oval hours