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Nanaimo, British Columbia (Canada)

Sighted on Saturday 19. October 2019
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Shape: Other | Duration: 00:25:00

I'll start off by saying that i've always had an open mind for anything in life, no matter how crazy something sounds, i like to consider all possibilities and draw multiple conclusions either for or against. although until i actually see or live the experience myself, i would personally classify these "events/theories/whatever" as schrã¶dinger's cat. i will now explain in detail the events of my first and only ufo sighting. my friend and i were camping deep in the middle of the woods near nanaimo river (vancouver island, bc). we got there around 2pm, set up camp, cut some wood, started a fire, all in all having a good time. around 6-7pm we notice our first anomaly. at the time we didn't make much of it, it just seemed like a light(similar to an airplane or a star in the sky) rising from the tree line going up. the only reason why i even noticed it was because the trajectory seemed weird, but all in all i gave it 5 second of my attention and resumed whatever we were doing. later around 9/9:30 i was observing the stars as i always enjoy doing when i go camping. maybe 10-15 minutes of gazing at the stars, i notice a "star" from the same area where we noticed the weird light from earlier. it was moving up down left right in a small area. the movement was never the same but it always stayed in the same relative area. it seemed both close and far at times but it never got bigger then twice the size of the biggest star. i asked my friend if i was going crazy or if he was seeing the same thing. we would stop moving to confirm that it was moving and not us. it would disappear behind tall trees and reappear but never move too far. at this point my mind is trying to rationalize what im seeing, maybe someone is flying a drone in the middle of nowhere? anything but a ufo. we spend a good 15-20 minutes just staring at this object in the sky making its erratic movement. at this point im still not 100% convinced it's a ufo but its definitely weird. im also asking myself if it is a ufo, what is it doing ? it seemed close to the ground but it was still clearly in the sky. then suddenly after 20 minutes of staring at it, a second identical light/orb/star appeared out of nowhere on the same "horizontal line" to the right of the first one. now im starting to freak out a bit, no rational solution is coming to mind. i found myself looking at fire, my tent, a tree, anything to rationalize my environment, trying to make sense of what i am seeing. the 2 light/orb/stars/ufos are keeping the same horizontal line and seemed to be moving in unison. then after no more than a minute after the second one appeared, this is where all my doubt vanished and i couldn't deny that i was witnessing something from out of this world. even having seen and lived it i still find it hard to believe... there was a third star that appeared(out of nowhere) a little higher and between both of the other previous two. they're locations formed somewhat of an obtuse triangle. now im completely losing it, while my buddy is ecstatic. slowly, the third star started clearly drifting away from the other 2, going higher until they formed somewhat of an isosceles triangle. the whole time this is happening im yanking my friends arm, freaking out, constantly asking him "what are you seeing!?","what is going on!?". once the third star reached its desired height, all of sudden like a flash, a thick blue beam connected all 3 stars. there it was, clear as can be, a blue triangle flashed the sky for no more then a second. then it was gone as well as the last 2 "stars" that appeared(the original "star" was still there). at this point all i could say was "what the ****!!" and "what did you see!?", i needed to know that i wasn't losing my mind. when my friend started to describe the exact same thing i had just witnessed... i knew, we are definitely not alone. we immediately left afterwards and haven't returned since. to be honest it has taken me a while to come somewhat to terms with what i experienced. for me knowing, without a doubt, that aliens are out there, what does it mean? im obviously not the first human on earth to have seen ufos/aliens. why are they here? what do they want? do we already have contact with them? has there been someone else with a similar experience as us? the infinite possibilities of questions running through my mind was/is numbing to say the least. the biggest upset throughout this whole experience is that unfortunately, neither of us had our phones. not so much for other people but mainly for myself. like i previously said even having personally lived it, i still have trouble believing what we actually saw. im not trying to convince people that my experience was genuine, regardless of what people might think, i can't deny what i saw. all i want is to share my story and maybe, hopefully, somehow find answers.

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