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Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia (Canada)

Sighted on Monday 21. January 2019
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Shape: Other | Duration: 00:00:00

I was at sargeants bay povincial park on the sunshine coast bc about 14 km north of sechelt in a developed residential area with dark skies to watch the 2019 blood moon eclipse. viewing direction was an arc se to nw. the park is on the east side of the strait of georgia separating mainland bc south coast (sunshine coast where i live) from vancouver island. the distance across the strait is about 16 km. the night was cold but clear with no clouds. as the blood moon eclipse advanced three orbs appeared across the strait about (estimate) 12-14km distant at an apparent estimated height of 1000' (300 metres). at first i thought they were flares and i pointed out this to people standing near me. there were about 50 people on the sea shore watching the event. those that were beside me observed that the lights were not wavering, changing colour or flaring. they were also stationary. unlike flares they did not drop to sea level or extinguish but remained stationary and constant in position for at least 10-12 mins then suddenly winked out. therecwere no aircraft in the skies over that portion of the georgia strait. the nearest rcaf base is comox which is up island nw of the area of the sighting about 100km. the next military base is south of the area in washington state at the whitby island naval station about 100km distant. victoria international airport is also south of the sighting area about 60km. the airport at nanaimo nearest the sighting region is i believe a vfr only airdrome. however this area of the strait is a military testing area centered on nanoose, bc on vancouver island and in the approximate region of the sighting. most people by then were pre-occupied with the eclipse so nolthing else was commented on and my fellow observers losty interest in the three orbs. i took photos of the orbs at both 75mm and 300mm and have kept the originals and enhanced copies. i used photoshop elements 18 to enhance the photos and run them through various filters to gain better clarity. the enlarged enhanced orbs show definite structural characteritics. i reported the sighting to a local non-mufon site but received no comment other than acknowledgment of posting. my background includes time served in the rcaf as an air traffic controller. during that time i was involved in an unexplained sighting over the montreal area in 1965 that was subsequently classified by rcaf hq in ottawa after they came to st. hubert afb and took our tower logs and required us to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


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