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Slagelse (Denmark)

Sighted on Saturday 15. June 2002
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: 1min

UFOs perhaps???I was driving in the bus on my way back to my home in Copenhagen, because I was living on a continuation school (close to the town of Slagelse) back then. I was out on the country side and then suddenly I saw two circular objects! Far away but I think they were UFOs because they didn't move around, they stood still. The two objects were not very large unless if they were very far away! I think they could be like 50-600 meters up, so I really have no idea... One of them was a bit larger than the other and it looked like it was red colored. I cannot say if that was an ufo, but I know that no airplane can stand still like that, and not even a helicopter would normally stand still for like a hole minute! I looked carefully if the objects could be connected to the ground, but I couldn't see that it was the case. If the objects really were standing up there, it cannot have been objects from our earth. I didn't point at the objects, because I think the other people in the buss would then just think I was crazy or something, but personally I'm pretty sure that this was not human made objects. If anyone ever read this, they are the first to know about it!

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