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Viby Sjealland (Denmark)

Sighted on Monday 05. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 30 seconds

A seeming satelite which suddenly stopped and changed direction over the skies near Roskilde Denmark.We were outside looking for satelites, the skies were absolutely clear. We spotted what we thought was a satelite travelling from the north star region travelling east. It was travelling at the same speed as other satellites we had seen but then it stopped abrubtly and headed off on a north west direction. It travelled in that direction for about 5 seconds and then gave a bright flash, it then travelled further in the same direction for 2-3 seconds and then gave the same flash again, we followed it for a further 3-4 seconds until it disappeared. The whole episode seemed quite normal, it looked exactly like a satellite, just slightly brighter, and travelled like a satelite but when it stopped and changed direction made us believe we had witnessed something which we couldn't explain!!

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