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Johnstone (near Haverfordwest) (UK/England)

Sighted on Tuesday 11. June 2002
Reported on
Shape: Rectangle | Duration: 5 minutes

Rectangle object in sky seen in Wales, UKThe sky was a grey/blue with a few clouds, good visibility, no rain. Travelling as a passenger in a van, i seen a light rectangle in the sky in the distance. At first i thought it was something on the window of the van, then i thought it must be a part of the moon or something, but it was rectangle. The object never moved in the sky as we turned a corner and i watched it out the open window of the van. It was there for 5 minutes, then it vanished and i spent another 5 minutes looking for it but it was gone. It looked like one of them home made movies of someone filming a UFO, and you go yeah right thats a fake, well that was what it was like. There were no flashing light, just one continous lightness through the whole object. There were other people in the van with me but i felt stupid suggesting it was a UFO.

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