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Sighted on Sunday 10. November 2002
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 20 minutes

Strange thing in the night skies of LithuaniaIt was quite a clear night - there were not so many clouds in the sky - and even some of the smallest stars, which are usually seen only in August, could be observed that night. I was staring in the sky when I went out to smoke a cig in the yard, and then, probably in the southern part of the skies I have suddenly saw a strange thing - it looked as if a new star in the sky has lighted up. Maybe this star was there in the sky already for millions of years, so I thought then that this might be only some kind of mispercepcion of the eye. But then, this "new star" gradually started to become more and more bright. I could even hear the sound of it - it was something like a humming sound of mid-frequencies, but it gave me an impression like this sound is very far away - or should I say - this sound was like a plane sounding, but very far and contextual. On the other hand, this sound was very interesting, even relaxing and somehow hypnotising - maybe it was only because I like minimalistic music style. OK, it doesn't matter for now. The next thing that happened, was even more strange - it was really something. This "new star" - after it reached some kind of certain level of brightness - started moving - or floating - in the sky. I don't know how to explain in the words, but this view was really fascinating. But the most amazing thing - it was the figure, that this star has drawn in the sky (it left no trails, no nothing). this figure was that of a question mark - like this - ?, but with no point at the bottom. after making such a figure, it started to become less and less bright (i.e. the reverse process of the beginning has started) untill it has reached the same level of brightness as in the beginning, and went back to its place - the place in the sky, where it has appeared (or maybe it did not appeared - I don't know). But then, the thing happened, that really shaked me - this little star, after going to its place - actually was in one of the three corners of bigger triangle in the sky - i.e. in each corne! r of thi s triangle there was a star, although, there were no lines, no nothingwhich was connecting those corners. So, after all the thing that I saw, could be named as the "spy, sent out for investigation from the corner of the triangle in the sky, the origin of which - I am 1000% sure - was xtraterrestrial.

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