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Kaunas (Lithuania)

Sighted on Thursday 21. May 2009
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Shape: Disk | Duration: 10-15sec

Disk shapped grey&black object with red lamps making huge noise like its crashing.It was evening an hour before midnight, i was smoking in the balcony, and i heard big noise i was looking in the sky nothing was there, i still looked and then i saw pretty big disk shaped object, one side of it was bowed down more than another one, noise was big like its crashed, my mom heard it too but she didnt bothered to come to watch it. The disk has two colors half light grey, another half was black, it had one red lamp on left, one red lamp on right, and some small red lights in the middle. Also looked like grey smoke appeared around object. Also, week ago i saw hat shapped object flying in the same place, it also had smokes around, but had no noise at all. Both was seen in Lithuania, Kaunas city.

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