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Edson (Canada), AB

Sighted on Saturday 07. December 2002
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 4 min

Large circular object surrounded by lights with four nossles, motionless and silentLeaving a friends house around 1:30 in the morning, 7 KM East of Edson, Clear skys lots of stars, Aurora were out (very pretty), no bright yard lights on in the yard, no Christmas lights on, except for the house it self. Noticed aircraft lights in the south (learned later a jet had taken off from our local airport around the same time). Felt funny and for some reason looked streight up, staired at the object for what seemed to be about 2 to 4 minutes. It did not move. Best guess it was about 100 to 400 feet right above the area. Very hard to discribe. Around the circomference was like a light rope (beads of light) in a loop surrounding the body of the object. There were four gaps in the loop and between the gaps were four (don't know what they were) but best discription is, jet nossles like the ones used on the space shuttle. One each pointing out and down in each of the gaps. Emitting, not quite smoke, not quite light, not quite steam, out of each nossle. It remained motionless for the time that I was looking at it. Got in the car and didn't give it any more thought until today. To my knowledge no one else saw it. I didn't know what it was and did not understand what it was I saw. Went home, told no one till to day. Thanks for listening. One question for you. Has any one else seen something like this?

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