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calgary + kananaskis coun, Alberta (Canada)

Sighted on Wednesday 25. September 2002
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Shape: Circle, Other | Duration: 00:00:15

i viewed this occurence twice. the first night was picking up my girlfriend at the time from work. i was in the parking lot of a place called "jub jub's" and i got out of the car to go inside and two guys smoking outside said "whoah, look at that!" and i looked up and it was as if the brightest northern lights i'd ever seen were shining right directly above us in a large circle that shone for approx. 15 seconds and then immediately disappeared. it shimmered, but the basic shape of it stayed the same and in the same place in the sky. i thought i was seeing things but for the fact that these guys were seeing it too. at the time i didn't think anything other than a strange occurence of the northern lights. then the next night, i and two friends went out to light off fireworks deep in kananaskis country (west of calgary) and just as the last firwork was done, the exact same occurence happened. in every respect, except now we were in pitch darkness (except for this light) and i got to see it from start to finish. again approx. 15 secs from start to finish, and it appeared in the sky as quickly as it abruptly ended, completly unlike any of the hundreds of northern lights occurences i've witnessed in my life. my thoughts, feelings and reactions to this event have been mixed. i loved witnessing this event because it was so interesting. what i thought it might have been at the time was a northern lights phenomena occuring at the same time as an 'almost' eclipse that affected only the ionosphere and wasn't viewable from earth, but there are holes in that theory. the first being it's abrupt ending and likewise beginning. the second being the fact that it was a perfect circle (except for one section that remained completely dark, approx. 10-15 degrees of the circle) and at that time of the year, in canada the sun at that time of night would not have been on the opposite side of earth. thus, it would have had to be an ellipse rather than a perfect circle. my alternate theory is that since the northern lights are created by ionized particle from the sun, that this could have been a beam of ionized particles sent from a craft in space as a possible message or something. i'm not sure. the reason that i am sending this to you now is because i just started watching ufo hunters and thought that this might be something useful for you and i never realized that this phenomena that i, along with others would be really interesting to anyone before. if anyone would like to discuss any other details regarding this occurence, i would be glad to talk on the phone, rather than use email, as i do not have a computer, and am only using my brothers internet to give you this info. i am sorry that some of the required fields in your checklist did not REALLY apply to my experience, since i didn't see a craft, but only the possible beam that may have been emitted from one, if that is what it really was. thank you and i hope to hear from you.

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